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Import / Export of KPIs

The KPIs allow to study the metrics defined in Iterop to detect for example deviations in processes or simply to follow the evolution of certain processes in order to reach objectives.

Iterop implements a complete KPI system.

Information message

KPI management can be found in Iterop Design, more precisely in the Indicator tab.

We will give here some information about their imports/exports.

Export a KPI

Iterop allows you to export your KPIs. You have two options:

  • The export in JSON format.
  • The export as Excel or CSV.

Json Format

To export your KPIs to the JSON format, just click on the ” Exporter ” button at the bottom of the selected KPI management window.

CSV/Excel format

If you are interested in the CSV or Excel format, there are 3 simple steps.

  • Activate the switch ” Export/Array mode ” located at the bottom right of the KPI widget.
  • Click on the button ” Export Table ” that just appeared.
  • In the export management window, choose the desired format. Once this is done, validate with “ Exporter ” to start downloading your KPIs.

Import your KPIs

Click on “ importer ” in the interface Indicators.

In the import window that just opened :

  1. Select the process concerned by the KPI
  2. Choose the configuration file in .json.
  3. List List the indicators wanted

Once you click on OK, your KPI is now ready.

Updated on 8 February 2021

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