Assigning Tasks

This documentation is intended to help you better understand task assignments.

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You can find the assignment maintenancein the Designtab, more precisely in the configuration of the elements of a process.

There are 4 types of possible assignments:

  • The fixed assignment
  • Dynamic assignment
  • Assignment to an outside
  • Assignment to a PLC

The fixed assignment

The fixed assignment allows you to assign the task to a list of groups and/or users.

To do this, simply select from the drop-down menus the groups and users who are to perform this task.

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It is possible to create or modify groups and users in the Users part of your interface Iterop Design.

Fixed assignment menu

Dynamic assignment

Dynamic assignment allows you to assign the task dynamically based on input data or the completion of a task.

Dynamic assignment menu
  • The Actor of the task option : allows you to assign a task according to who has launched or completed another task.
Assignment to the process initiator
  • User or group variable option: Allows you to assign the task according to a user or group variable defined upstream in the process.
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There are 2 distinct types of variables for groups and users. User or group variables and multi-user or multi-group variables consisting of a list of users or groups. These variables can be set and changed at any time during your process.

Here are a few examples:

Assignment to a user variable
Assignment to a Multi-User variable
Assignment to a Group variable
Assignment to a Multi-Group variable

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The reference ” start ” in the examples above, is the name of the task in which the variables were declared.

Assignment to an outside

Assigning to an outsider allows to assign a task to a user not having an Iterop account. This assignment sends the request to complete the task in a customizable e-mail for example, but a fixed URL can also be provided.

Interface for editing the assignment mail

As for dynamic assignments, the external assignment offers 3 possibilities:

Send the mail according to a variable mail
Send to a specific mail
Send to mail from a User variable or Multi-User

Assignment to a PLC

Assignment to a PLC does not really affect the task, it is placed pending execution by an external configuration (PLC, from the monitoring of a controller…).

A task in Automate assignment can be completed or reassigned from the detailstab in Task Tracking.

To do this, go to the tracking interface and select the process. Now click on details and then on the task on hold.

You now have 2 options:

  • Re-assign the task. 1️⃣
  • Get the job done. 2️⃣
Details interface in the tracking tab
Updated on 25 February 2021

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