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Automatically chaining a task

You have the possibility to open a task window automatically without the user having to go through his task list again. It will open automatically after the validation of the previous task.
This option is primarily ergonomic but can be very useful depending on the situation.

In order for the tasks to link together correctly, it is necessary that the user who performed the previous task is part of the assignments of the task that will open automatically.

Overview :

Use case example and configuration

You have a form that has a lot of elements. For greater clarity and understanding, you may wish to split it into two parts and indicate that the latter should be proposed immediately after validation of the former.

Splitting a form in two

To do this, go to the configuration of the task that should open automatically (framed in red for this example) and check “Open automatically”.

You will find this option on the lower part of the control panel:

Other use cases

There are situations that call for using automatic task opening, here are two of them:

Display the right form

One of the two tasks framed in red will be opened automatically after completion of the task “Choice of category”.

In a purchase requisition process where the first step is to select whether the answer is “IT” or “Office Automation”:
Depending on the answer, the appropriate task will open automatically with the form specific to the selected category.

Apply a treatment (script or service)

The task framed in red will be automatically opened after processing the service task.

In a process, a user enters information about a user (his email for example). A search is then carried out by a service in order to collect all the information related to the given address. The next task then opens with the information obtained from the previous processing.

Look out! If the process takes a long time, the automatic opening of the job will not be possible without applying a refresh time.

Apply a refresh time

If a service or script task takes more than a second to obtain user data, the task that is supposed to open automatically cannot do so.
It is therefore necessary to delay and tell it to wait for a time in milliseconds that you will have determined before opening automatically.

Updated on 13 November 2020

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