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Good modeling practices

Avant de lire

The examples on this page are primarily tips to help you adopt good modelling practices. The cases presented are not blocking errors but rather bad habits that need to be corrected – in general, this promotes readability and allows several people to have the same understanding of the process.

Note that there are circumstances in which we may decide to go against these good practices in order to achieve specific behaviour. 

A process always has one start event and at least one end event :

A process can have several end events but cannot have several start events:

A start event always has a unique output stream. An end event always has a unique input stream :

Antask always has a unique input flow AND a unique output flow :

gate is either opening or closing:=””>

The doors work in pairs:

The opening and closing logic doors (which work together) are of the same type:

When two tasks are similar “to within a certain amount”, it is the same task:

Updated on 13 November 2020

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