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I am a controller or supervisor

I accidentally deleted a process

A deleted process cannot be restarted. This action is irreversible. In addition, it is possible to view all the data of the deleted process in order, for example, to start a new one.

To view the data of the deleted process :

  1. Click on the Follow-up tab in the left menu
  2. Click on the Terminated tab in the bar at the top of the page
  3. If the deleted process is not displayed, perform an advanced search (See Follow Completed Processes).
  4. Once the process is in the table, click on the line

In the various tabs, you can analyze the data that was entered during the execution of this process

I can’t retrieve information from a process I started.

There are several levels of rights in Iterop Play, all defined from the Iterop Design configuration interface. It is possible to be the initiator of a process (i.e. to be able to start a process) but not to be “responsible” for it (supervisor or controller).

If you don’t see a process in the Track tab, you don’t have the necessary rights to view it.

It is possible from the history to consult a process you have started and to view some information about it:

  1. Click on the History tab in the left menu
  2. Click on the Started Processes tab in the top bar
  3. Find and click on the line corresponding to the process you want information about.

I don’t see a process in tracking

If you no longer see a process on the Tracking tab (even though you have viewed it before), it may be a change of state of the process. If it is finished or has been deleted between two consultations, you can find it again from the “Finished” tab in the Follow-up by launching an advanced search (See Follow-up completed processes).

If it was a completed process and if it was very old, it could have been purged. This is because the process history is deleted after a long period of time so as not to overload the database.

Contact your administrator to request that processes be kept longer.

The user assigned to a task is not available (leave, departure, etc.).

If the user assigned to a specific task is no longer available, for example because of holidays, it must be unlocked to move the process forward.

Two solutions:

  • Assigning the task to someone else: Reassigning a task
  • Do it yourself from the monitoring interface: Force the task to be completed

No one has performed an outside task and it’s stuck

A task assigned to an external user will be on hold until that user follows the link inviting him to perform it. This situation can be blocking and prevent the process from proceeding.

To unlock an external task, several solutions exist:

  1. Send a mail to the external person in charge of this task (Resend a mail containing the URL of an external task) The external user will then be notified again of the task he has to perform with the link to the task.
  2. Reassign it to an internal user (Reassign a task). A user will then be able to do it from his interface in IteropPlay.
  3. Do it yourself from the tracking interface (Force task completion)
Updated on 13 November 2020

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