Add a tag on a process

It is possible to add as many tags as you want on a process, whether it is deployed or in a template state.

Définition : qu'est-ce qu'un tag ?

This is a very practical wording that will be useful in identifying a process belonging to a category. There can be business tags (trade, HR, purchasing, …) as well as technical tags (test, production, …). You can create your own tags in order to better organize yourself.

[Design] Filter your processes with tags

Go to Iterop Design and select the Model or Deployment tab. The filter bar at the top allows you to filter the processes in 3 ways :

  1. The tags (see after) thanks to the drop-down list 1️⃣
  2. The process name using the search text field 2️⃣
  3. Your processes : Display only the processes you have created by checking the box 3️⃣

Tags are displayed in front of each process

To filter by tags :

  1. Click on 1️⃣
  2. Choose the tag you want to filter. Here we will choose for the example Quality
  3. The tag is then added in 5️⃣
  4. Only processes with a tag Quality 6️⃣ are then displayed in the table
  5. Choose a second tag: If you also want to filter processes that are also aimed at external users, this time simply select the tag External User. The number of tags to display is unlimited.
  6. Click on the cross in the search field to reset the entire search.

It is possible to filter processes directly by clicking on the tag of a process from the table: this tag will be automatically added to the filter.

Adding a tag to a deployed process or template

On the Templates or Deployment tab, select a process. A window should appear on your right.

You can add tags from the drop-down list 1️⃣

  • If it’s an existing tag: simply select the desired tag by clicking on 2️⃣ in the dropdown list
  • a new enter the label of tag and press id=”gid_1″ tag:=””>Enter to validate the creation of the new tag:
A savoir

You can add as many tags as you want on a process.

[Play] Filter your processes with tags

Go to Iterop Play and select the Process tab. The tags appear at the top. Click on the label to display the associated processes.

Updated on 13 November 2020

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