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Management of data retention period

In the configuration of a deployed process, it is possible to configure the retention time of the data of this same process.

To do so, go under the action buttons (Stop Process, Make Process Progress, etc…) and under the process diagram is the part “Manage data retention time“.

Access to the shelf life edition

The next page opens after clicking on “Edit”.

Configuration of data retention
Please note that with a configuration as above, a warning message will warn you that the retention time of completed processes is shorter than that of all data.

1️⃣ – Determining the retention period of completed processes
2️⃣ – Determine the retention period for all data (variables)
3️⃣ – Determining how long to keep files

These three parameters are used to configure the retention in a general way. However, you can be even more specific about the data you wish to keep.

After clicking on the add button 6️⃣, you can create a group of variables (data) and determine another retention period.

In the example above, we have determined that the variable group “Group 1”, consisting of the variables “Selected items” and “Email” will be retained indefinitely 4️⃣ (instead of the 100 days determined with 2️⃣).

To do this, simply select one by one the variables you want to integrate into the group through the drop-down panel 5️⃣.

You can create as many groups as you need.

You can click on “Add all variables without retention configuration” to include all variables that are not present in any group.

If a variable is not present in any group, then it is the general configuration 2️⃣ and 3️⃣

Updated on 13 November 2020

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